What is Holistic or Integrative Care?

An Holistic approach starts with taking responsibility for your own health rather than shifting totally responsibility to our traditional health care system. Holistic or Integrative care model by Kathi Kemper M.D. puts all therapies into 4 categories: Bio-mechanical, Bio-chemical, Bio-energetic, and Lifestyle (Bio-physcial)

Biomechical Category may include: acupressure, Chiropractic, CranioSacral therapy, Exercise, Martial Arts, Massage, Neuromuscular therapy, Osteopathy, Physical therapy, Reflexology, Rolfing, Surgery, Yoga, etc..

Bio-chemical Category may include: Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Herbs, Nurtrition/Food, Pharmaceuticals, Supplements/Vitamins, etc..

Bio-energetic Category may include: Acupuncture, Crystals, Healing Touch, Homeopathy, Magnetic Therapy, QiGong, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, etc..

Lifestyle Category may include: Biofeedback, Counseling/Psychotherapy, Expressive and Creative Arts, Hypnosis, Meditation, Prayer, Progressive Relaxation, Support Groups, Visualization and Imagery, etc...

Energy Healing

The energy field in and around the body can become unbalanced, distorted and "dis-eased". The energy healer's ability to perceive and correct these blocks and distortions can restore health and restore well-being.

The healer is a partner in the client's healing process - a committed listener, a mirror, in assisting the client, the healer uses a variety of techniques.

These can include organ balancing, organ retrieval, spine cleaning, grounding techniques, restructuring and rebuilding the energy body at several levels and similar procedures.

Is Energy Healing a substitute for traditional medicine? No. What is clear, however, is that many people experience hands-on energy healing as a viable and effective complement or alternative to other healing modalities (including traditional medicine).

What is and Energy Healer? The term "energy healer" can cover a variety of approaches in working with the Human Energy Field.

There are many names for energy medicine or energetic healing such as Reiki, prana healing, laying on of hands, prayer, distance healing, etc... All of these modalities work with Divine life force "energy", the life force that is behind every breathe you take. If this life force "breathe" is no longer present than one either goes on "life support known as a ventilator" or the body stops functioning all together. The body can not function or exist without this "divine life 

force" we call breath, prana, chi, yin-yang, etc... The force behind the breath is the "Energy" that brings life to the body and maintains vitality. This "Energy" not only keeps your body alive, it is also a form of medicine for it heals the body and brings the body into greater, wholeness, vitality, and freedom from blockages, disease, and pain.

Although energy medicine is one of the ancient medicines, in the western world it is not widely recognized. As more and more people are finding alternative medicine more cost effective with less side effects it is gaining greater recognition. In energy medicine there is no side effect and no danger to the body as the healing process is both non-evasive and subtle. Of course there is a need to take prescription medicine in some incidents but when it comes to being addicted to prescription drug for the rest of your life this is treating the symptom rather than addressing the cause.

In energy medicine it deals with the "underlining cause" behind the dis-sease. Since all disease is caused by an imbalance in a person's energy field which originates in the etheric field - "aura", the "chakras", meridians, endocterine glades and organs thus causing physical disease. Balancing, clearing, and working with the bodies energy field prevents and can also stop the disease before it becomes physical. Once it is has manifested into a physical disease in some cases tremendous progress can be made if one is willing to do the necessary work to participant in their healing process. In doing so one begins to take responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and diet that maybe contributing to their illness.

For some people this is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. This is where people tend to want to look "outside themselves" or to some "quick fix" to eliminate their dis-ease. With energy medicine the individuals takes responsibility and ownership for their health and works with a trained practitioner to assist them in overcoming negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, or unwanted behaviors that maybe contributing to an imbalance in their energy field thus creating their illness.

Balancing the bodies energy fields

Most people have heard of Reiki healing, which is in fact, Energy Healing. There are many different types of healing via the energy in the body, but most people have some knowledge of Reiki. The basis for this type of healing is the body has natural energy that flows through every cell of your body, if the energy is not flowing smoothly in your body, and then the body is not completely well. When the energy in the body is flowing freely and evenly, health naturally follows. 

Energy healing or what many refer to as healing work can be looked upon like quantum physics in that energy is complicated in many ways. Look at electricity that runs in 

your home, if everything is running smoothly and the correct charge can get through the wires behind the light switch, when you turn on the switch, you get instant light or power. However, if the light bulb is burned out, you can turn the switch on and off all day long, the light bulb will not work until you change the light bulb and restore the flow of energy from the wires in the wall to the bulb. In this way, energy in the body can be looked upon as if you have a "light bulb" off in your energy flow, then you need to have the source repaired in order for the proper flow to happen.

Moreover, energy exists in two forms, solid and non-solid matters. Everything you see, touch, and what you do not see (such as the air) is energy, and when something breaks the flow, it breaks the entire process. With Energy Healing, the practitioner works to find the areas in your body where energy is not flowing smoothly and works on these areas to "fix" what is causing the disturbance. Furthermore, as people move about their lives, they are capable of picking up good and bad energy; for instance, fear is a bad energy, while joy is a good energy source. Therefore, if you are fearful, then removing this through Energy Healing will cause the fear to be replaced with a good energy, which will impact your life positively.

Many people have found the answer to many of their everyday problems by having their body energy properly balanced. For instance, if you grew up in a home with lots of stress, anxiety, and strife, you picked up this energy as a child and it may be affecting you even as an adult. Energy Healing can remove the "bad" and get the good energy flowing through your body, which will ultimately affect your relationships and you own home in a very positive way.

What is Holistic Healing

  The word "holistic" has become a very popular buzzword in many circles, but many people do not understand the full impact of what the word means or what Holistic Healing can do for them. The very word "holistic" means treating the entire whole. For instance, if your body has a broken leg and a broken arm, but only the broken leg is treated, your body would not be whole. Moreover, if a doctor attempts to fix a broken leg, but internally, you are emotionally hurt, then only a part of your whole is treated.

Holistic Healing deals with the entire person's body, mind, and spirit to be whole, healthy, and working in unison. If the body is well but the mind or spirit is sick, then a person cannot experience total health. There is a strong connection between the three parts, which is the body, mind, and spirit of the person. Therefore, to be whole and well, all three parts need to be treated.

Medical doctors focus on healing the body, which is good, but it does not mean the person is whole. Holistic practitioners seek to treat the mind, which deals with a person's mindset, thought processes, mental stress, and brainwave patterns. Surprisingly for some, when the mind is healed, the body follows and becomes healthier. Moreover, when the spirit is disconnected from the higher self or is unable to tap into other realms, it often affects the physical body negatively and illness often follows.

Holistic Healing deals with the entire person, both those that are visible and the ones that are not. When all the parts of the body are working together in unison, then you are truly whole, which is what holistic is all about. Moreover, many of the diseases and illnesses that affect the body are related to the unhealthy foods that many people eat. Certainly you heard growing up, "You are what you eat!" and there is absolute truth to this because if you eat a high saturated fat diet with little greens or fresh foods, it affects your health overall negatively in several ways.

Furthermore, most westerners, when they have a slight pain, head to their medicine cabinet and get some pills for pain. While this can be useful sometimes, depending on a pill to make you whole will never suffice. For instance, if you have a neck-ache because you are over-stressed and constantly worrying, taking the pill may help to temporarily relieve the neck pain, but the pain is stemming from your stress, not your neck. Getting to the root of the cause of the pain is also part of Holistic Healing.

Finally, Holistic Healing many times deals with the energy fields in the body by ensuring that your body internally, spiritually, and physically are all working together so that your body experiences less pain, your spirit is free and weightless, and your mind is free to work, play, and concentrate with little effort.

Often Health Begins with Healing the Mind

Have you ever met someone who is completely healthy, has a nice home, and maybe even a great family, but they are still unhappy? How you feel in your body and emotions is directly linked to your mind. Therefore, if your mind is continually thinking negative thoughts or bombarded with sadness, your body responds to these thoughts and you begin to act just how your mind is telling you to act, which is where Mind Healing comes in.

The human mind is very powerful. You can affect your very emotions by the thoughts that you think about. Think back when you thought about a very sad event that took place in your life, it may have even brought you to tears because the mind was able to affect your 

emotions. Perhaps you have seen someone tell a sad story that happened many years ago, but they cry while telling it because the mind is so powerful it can and does have an effect on the emotions. Have you ever heard someone say, "He or she willed themselves to die"? This is an extreme example of just how powerful the mind is, but if a person chooses not to get well, they can die before they should have because their mind played such an active part of their emotions and will.

With the use of Mind Healing, the practitioner can help you to see all those thoughts that are affecting your life and by removing the negative thoughts, you begin to heal your own mind. When it comes to mind work, it takes a great deal of effort on the person wanting to heal their mind of the many negative thoughts, but it can be accomplished. It takes a dedication on your part to take control of your mind and the thoughts you allow into your mind, which is a learned discipline.

You have no doubt heard someone say, "You are what you eat" but when it comes to Mind Healing, you are what you think. It is true that some people are more positive by nature and some are more pessimistic, but even if you continually think on negative thoughts, you can learn to undo this and begin on your pathway of healing.

Furthermore, if your mind is filled with horrific memories from events that you saw, healing of the mind will greatly benefit you because it can help you separate these thoughts with your current reality. After all, if you were a victim or someone you love was in the past, if you relive it repeatedly, it is as if you never left the scene, even if it happened 20 years ago. Finally, Mind Healing is beneficial to anyone, but especially to those that continually live in a negative state, which has ultimately affected their lives.

What is Emotional Healing?

Emotional Healing is probably one of the most difficult forms of healing for the person that is emotionally ill. Let's face it, if you have some emotional difficulties from your past, it is very hard to look at these events head on, but unfortunately, this is the only way to find your way through them and discover healing. Many times, the 

emotions you may have suffered many years ago are affecting your life now, which means digging up "old wounds" and that is something that many people resist.

On the other hand, if you dealt with deep emotions as a child, you probably could not deal with them at the time effectively, so you learned to shove them deeper and deeper inside. Now, you are an adult and you can deal with these unsolved emotions that you were not able to deal with as a child.

Emotional Healing is not attempting to stir up past hurts as a way to make you more emotional. Rather, digging deep inside and dealing with those areas that you were not able to then helps you understand why your emotions are the way they are today. For example, if you underwent abuse of some kind as a child, you did not know how to deal with those emotions, so you stuffed them inside. As an adult, perhaps you have an anger problem that you "assume" is just part of you. After undergoing Emotional Healing, you find that the anger you have now is a direct result of the emotions from your childhood abuse.

Therefore, often when you have extreme emotions as an adult, it could very well be due to emotions that you faced at another time in your life that have not been dealt with. It is not an easy process, but the result is that you have a more balanced emotional state, which of course, means that every other area of your life is balanced. Many people fear looking at past emotions because they are afraid they cannot handle the pain or rage they felt at the time, but unresolved emotions affects every other area of your life including the way you interact with people now.

When working with a practitioner that is experienced in Emotional Healing, the process can be slow depending on what it is you need to deal with and what you need healing from. However, if you do not deal with emotions they do not just go away, instead, they come out in other forms, such as a sad or distressed emotional state may resurface later in life as anger. To find wholeness and health, it often is a matter of dealing with old hurts and emotions that you thought were no longer affecting your life.

What is Distant Healing or prayer...Can it help?

We think nothing of picking up a cell phone and calling someone in perhaps another state or country. Think about it, really? We are able to communicate to people thousands of miles away without any wires, ropes, etc. How does this happen? It happens through radio waves. Right? Well, if man can make cell phones or radio's to communicate with people half way across the country than God can certainly communicate with us through these kind of "radio waves". Not to mention, our entire body "each cell" communicate within itself to regulate our temperate, our heart rate, blood pressure, etc. So yes, there is communication going on all around us whether we realize it or not. And we can be part of this communication if we want to take time to "breath" go within and listen. That's what healer's do. They dial in, 

they breath, they listen to divine guidance, they allow God to use their hands and bodies as instrument's. They connect to "Divine Life Force" like people connect to radio waves through cell phones. Communication "Prayer" with God is a two way dialog.

Healing energy actually flows through everyone, which is why Distant Healing is possible. Therefore, being in the presence of a "healer" is not necessary when you understand that the energy to heal is "within you". Being taught how to "tap in" and use this energy to heal oneself is the bigger question, not if energy healing can take place.

Many people can relate better to Distant Healing if they think of it in terms of prayer. When a person prays to a higher being, they know their prayers are heard and answered, which is where faith comes in, but the very prayers that have been prayed are energy and that energy flows to your higher power and flows back to you or the person you have prayed for. People that pray or meditate often are more centered, peaceful, and more in-tune with their spirit or inner self because they continually exchange energy, which is the essence of Distant Healing. 

Other people relate to Distant Healing as thoughts, have you ever been thinking about someone who you have not seen or spoken to in years and then they call you? Coincidence? No, you put the thoughts and energy out there that literally reached that other person, and they too thought about you and picked up the phone. Thoughts, after all, are energy. Though you cannot see thoughts physically, even traditional doctors and scientists have discovered the power of thought and how it can affect health good and bad.

People that use Distant Healing to help others often sense that someone they know is in need of healing before they are ever told. Often they meditate or pray by putting thoughts out toward this person they know is in need of healing, and later they are told by their friend of how something happened to help them at the precise moment. Healing from a distance is something that many people have been a part of for years and simply didn't understand it. Other people are trained specifically in Distant Healing to help others who may not be in their current locality. Either way, healing can and does happen even when a person is not present but someone else is sending positive thoughts, praying for them, or sending out healing energy to them.

Many people have not heard of Distant Healing, but it is the dealing of energy as a way of healing. All things have energy, whether physical or non-physical. For example, people have energy, water has energy, rocks have energy, and the very air that you breathe has energy. The world and everything in it is one big energy field. Therefore, when dealing with energy healing, it does not matter if the person is sitting right next to you or in another country; energy may not be physical or visible but non the less it travels continuously just like the air we 

breath, the rays of the sun we feel, the radio waves that allow us to communicate through cell phones, TV, and radios and electricity that allows us to light our homes. Every thing is energy. Energy is alive, it moves, it travels, it communicates and so do we.