Tools & Resources

God is the great physician and his word alone can and does heal. As well, our body is a tool and facilitator for healing through prayer and laying on of hands. Along with this, God is very creative and can use a variety of tools to help facilitate one's overall well-being. If you enjoy creative ways to interact with God and "the healing process" then explore the items below. It is one's belief, intention, and the purpose behind its use that makes an object safe or harmful. If you would like help in understanding how to creatively use these tools or others call Deborah for a "consultation." Having served on Church staff for many years and developed and written curriculum to advance people spiritual growth and progress Deborah has enjoyed the many ways God "Divine Spirit" as worked through her to bring her unique creative expression to the world.

True Balance: Auras & Chakra

Aura Suma - Color Medicine

Tuning Forks - Sound Medicine

Archangelois Sprays

Crystal Wands