Debbie, I don't know if I ever got to properly thank you for the huge effect you had on my life, Deb. God used you in incredible ways during my spiritual "formative" years. God has blessed me with a very few, really significant mentors and you are surely high on the list. He used me in huge ways in Pastoral Care during my 7 years on staff and I never would have gotten there without your guidance in the years prior. So, I thank God for you, and now I'm glad I can thank you!

Blessings, JB

Debbie, I want to thank you for being the powerful change-agent that you were in my life. God used you to shape and mold me for what I'm now doing (and loving!): care-giving for a beautiful lady who has late-stage Alzheimer's. Through your personal and group mentoring, teaching/modeling of Christian community and compassion, and expressions of hospitality and giving, I was able to get through a very tough period in my life. You saw and encouraged the development of my spiritual gifts, made me realize that God had made me to be a "storyteller" teacher, and allowed me to experience community as I'd never experienced it before. These proved to be life-lines of healing and growth! I couldn't have gotten thru this period without them!! Be Blessed, Marcie

Debbie, my experience was great from the call and thank you so much. After our session, I have no pain in my ankle (my car accident in 1969) and this is still a little unbelievable to me "a miracle"!! I have challenged my ankle a few times recently since our call by chasing and playing with my grandchildren....which is usually a really bad deal the next day! What fun I had with no pain! My ankle was not even the reason I wanted to speak with you initially, it just became a part of the conversation at the end. I want to grow spiritually and that is why I want to work with you. Kathy

Debbie, some 2 years later and my ankle continues to be a miracle. “0” pain and no problems…and I cannot even tell you how grateful I am for that. My entire life has changed. Now my left knee is killing me. Can you help with that? Kathy

2 weeks later. Debbie..i feel wonderful..no pain anywhere...happy..a lot and lot of energy..feel like a kid. You are a God send and i am so blessed to know you..we will talk soon. It has been a crazy week with my wonderful grandkdids..mom is in Seattle this week. I get the hugs and kisses this week..mom will be home tonight. Luv you. Kathy

I have been working with Debbie for several years now. And she has helped me learn how to do this work on myself. I run my colors daily, I pray and ask for guidance, and when I need extra assistance Debbie is just a phone call away to help me get the results I need. When I first started working with Debbie I was at a loss as to how to help myself. I was nervous, fearful, and stressed with managing the pressures of life. Now, I know, I can handle whatever comes my way through prayer and guidance. Being empowered is the best medicine! Love you, Marcia

Debbie has helped me in more ways than I can express. Before my first session with Debbie I had a hard time understanding my emotions. Being a Scorpio, I'm a very emotional being and tend to allow my emotions to control my life. At times I would feel angry or sad and not be able to express a reason why. That would then affect my moods on a daily basis. After my first session, I saw an immediate change in the way that I felt inside. It was like a weight was lifted off of my inner consciousness. This profound feeling and her guidance is what has lead me on my journey to self discovery. Debbie has forever changed my life and I can't even begin to explain my appreciation for all of her help and knowledge. --Ashley Puig

Recently I was unable to breath and therefore rush to the hospital due to COPD. Having coded twice on life support "ventilator" while in ICU, to say that energy medicine helped me, would be an understatement. As my body began to fail due to not being able to get off the ventilator (kidney's shutting down, diabetic, heart issues). Debbie continued to pray and lay hands on each organ in my body that was in concern. As each organ began to heal, I was eventually able to come off the ventilator and It was as though, God gave me a second chance at life. I believe He did it through the power of prayer, meditation, and laying on of hands which is basically what energy medicine is. Thanks to God for using humans to assistant him, for I can now spend another Thanksgiving and Christmas with all my children. Thank you Debbie for answering God's call on your life. I love you, Ginny

I had my very first session with Debbie two years ago this month. I was going through many different issues, and I couldn't figure out why I was so sad/angry. Going into the session, I have to admit, I was skeptical. I have been through counseling when I was younger, which didn't seem to help...so I figured that having a session with her would be more of the same. I could not have been more wrong about how the session would impact my life. I cannot begin to describe the sense of inner peace I have felt since that very day. I have had follow up sessions since then, and each one has made my life better and better. I'm so thankful that I met Debbie...and I'm even more thankful that I can call this amazing woman my friend. :)Amy

Gratitude Deb! Thank you I would love another healing! The Alignment and healing of my heart helped to transform an immediate change with my Boss; and God willing; a $1900 rental came my way yesterday. Do I believe in the healing? Happy Thanksgiving to a Giver and Healer. May you always be blessed in the light, Love, shari

Debbie, thank you so much for believing in me and helping me reconnect with my true self (my blueprint). I have shed so much since we last talked and I have already begun to see evidence of the stars lining up. My experience has been profound over the years; and yet I often forget the power within me, the light you brought back into alignment in my body!

I am so grateful to have you in my life. You truly are a healer with a very sacred gift. May light and love continue to shine bright through you onto others and back to you. All my love, Lindsay

I had been through a divorce and a death and tried grief counseling, divorce care, traditional counseling and numerous other routes. Debbie did some energy work with me. In two sessions I felt so much lighter! I cannot express how much she has helped me. I really knew nothing about energy work but its amazing! Debbie's guidance and support have been life altering! I am forever grateful she entered my life!!!! Kristin

My husband and been working with traditional medicine and doctors for 2 years and they said, there was nothing else they could do for him. Upon hearing about Debbie's work through a relative we called her. Of course, we were skeptical because we knew nothing about this kind of work. The first thing Debbie asked us to do was to pray. Debbie did three sessions long distance over the course of 3 days. And I still can't believe it, it was unbelievable. He got out of bed, began to work on the computer, read the news paper, ask to go to out to dinner, and to the store. We went back to the doctor on Monday and much to the doctors surprise my husband hand a complete turnaround. We have hope, we are excited, and we started going back to church in addition to praying regularly for God's guidance. We only wish we would have spoken to her two years ago. I love you, Doris

Having loss my husband when my children were toddlers and having to go back to college to obtain my master's degree to support my family. I have to say raising two children single handedly "being both the father and mother" left me at times overwhelmed and overly responsible as a parent. When Debbie first came into my life I was at a place where both my children were becoming young adults and therefore ready to move on with their lives but I was still wanting to hold on. Debbie's straight forward yet loving guidance supported and assisted me in the transition of moving from full time mom and father to the role of a supportive parent. As I worked with her we also continued to unfold the layers of unresolved grief and loss of the death of my husband so that I could move forward in defining what this stage of my life might look like. Debbie has not only helped me, she has also had a profound impact on the life of my children has well. Thank you Debbie for always being there when I needed you and for helping me get through this very challenging time. I am forever grateful. I can only imagine what my life would have looked like had I known about this type of work years ago. What a blessing you have been. Love you. Lana

Debbie, Thank you for being the whole person you are, love you. Christina

Hey Deb, just wanted to say thank you. I really appreciate you taking the time with me today. I really enjoyed the session, exactly what I needed. You are definitely gifted!!!


Debbie, having you there for me during the death of my mother not only helped my from losing my mind but gave me a deep and profound understanding as to the readiness of my mother to move past her pain and suffering. Thank you for your loving guidance and support during this very challenging time of my life. Again, thanks just doesn't seem like enough. Love you. Lana

Debbie, you are not going to believe this. I went to the doctor and it was just as you said. It was not what I thought I had. Thank you for checking to see what was going on with me. It not only gave me insight into my medical problem it also gave me a peace of mind. Kathy