Soul Level Multi-Dimensional Healing

Darcy Cleome owner of Amethyst Healing Center, is a hands-on teacher, energetic mentor, multi-dimensional healer and business owner. Since childhood, she has been able to see the flow of the body's energy system, from this intuitive and clairvoyant ability. She is an effective, complete and holistic energy healer. Darcy works with the body's subtle energy systems known as chakras, meridians, auric field, triangular matrix, and akashic records to reveal problem areas within emotional, physical, mental, and spirit body.

Multi-Dimensional Healing is an Intuitive Divinely guided process of working with the auric field, going deep into the chakra layers, 

triangular matrix, and planetary grid to access hidden belief systems, emotional blockage, history of your soul's journey, and unfinished or incomplete life lessons. This process goes directly to the underlying cause rather than dealing with symptoms. By address the cause one is able to move more effectively and efficiently toward wholeness and wellness. Liberating individuals from damaging habits, unwanted belief systems and chronic patterns that hold them captive, from fulfilling their dreams, passions, and purpose.