Spiritual Mentoring & Guidance

Have you ever just wanted someone to come along side you and help you take next steps toward an area that you need help in? Have you wanted to have a mentor but just couldn't seem to find the right person for you.   

Whether you are wanting to grow spiritually, enhance your skills as a practitioner, go deeper into your own personal healing, gain clarity / guidance in your career, or liberation from negative thoughts, patterns and beliefs, you may want to consider the mentoring process. .

The mentoring process is customized to your unique design and specific needs. It includes one on one personal healing sessions, intuitive and spiritual guidance, support from others in the field, and customized training. If interested contact Deborah at 847-942-8168

Food for Thought... What if, I told you, that when scripture said "the Kingdom of God is within you", it really meant within you “a state of being" rather than “a place outside yourself”. What if, I told you, that you really could tap into this “state of being”, not so much through doing, but “being”. I know that this concept is challenging and somewhat difficult to get our arms around, but through experience, guidance, and mentoring you will see that it really is available within each us. And of course, we all know, that we are created as human “beings” rather than human “doings”. It is through maintaining a “state of divine being” that enables us to then do "what we do" with peace, love, joy and mindfulness. 

God, Source, Spirit, and/or divine energy lives within each of us. Much like the Sun we too are are resourced from within rather than without. This means true happiness, peace, joy and the love that we all long for, comes from being connected to our internal Divine Guidance (the God, the Christ, the Buddha) within each and every one of us rather than through external things (position, fame, or wealth). The external is temporary, it doesn’t last, and even if it did, we would only want more. "It’s never enough", the ego that drives our behavior tells us. However, when we learn how to tap into the internal God, “universal life force”, that lives within us, we tap into, “all knowledge, all wisdom, and all intelligence” and we experience "joy, love, peace and ultimately fullfillment”.

Do you want peace, health, and happiness to fill your life. if so, than learn how to tap into your “Divine Guidance”.

This sounds great you say, but how?

Having spent 20 years in the Church as a spiritual teacher, leader, minister and author, I too, like you, have tried to find “the how” through serving, helping others, good deeds, lectures, retreats, workshops, reading books, and listening to passionate teachers.

All of these are good and helpful but sometimes we need someone to come along side us as we experience our daily life. It's in our every day decisions, choices, spiritual disciplines, prayer, meditation, diet, habits, thoughts, and believes that really make a difference as to our over all well being. We all have stress, challenges, and obstacle that plague us daily. It is taking those very situations and learning how to apply and maintain a “state of peace” that is the key. Tapping into “Divine Guidance” and living as a “Spiritual Being” happens internally from experiencing the "Divine within you".

Although you don't really need me because you already have the resources within you. God designed it where "two or more are together" there "He Divine Life Force" is also. Sometimes it takes another person to encourage, support, believe in, and mentor, for one to see their God given potential that's been there all along.

Looking forward to the possibility of working with you.