Energy Medicine

Donna Eden is a pioneer in the field of energy medicine. She has been teaching people for more than two decades to understand the body as an energy system, to recognize their aches and pains as signals of energy imbalances, and to reclaim their natural healing capacities. She speaks to packed audiences throughout the United States, Europe, Austrailia, New Zealand, and South America, and is consulted frequenctly within traditional and alternative health care settings. Donna and her husband, David Feinstein are authors of Energy Medicine.

The term energy medicine is itself a double-entendre. Energy gives life to the body. Medicine is an agent that is used to heal or prevent disease. In energy medicine, energy is the medicine. and in energy medicine, 

this medicine is applied to the body's energies. Energy heals, and energy systems are healed. The return of energy medicine is one of the most significant cultural developments of the day, for the return of energy medicine is a return to personal authority for health care, a return to the legacy of our ancestors in harmonizing with the forces of nature, and a return to practices that are natural, friendly, and familiar to the body, mind, and soul. Your own energy systems, such as your meridians (your body's energy pathways) and chakras (your body's energy centers), emit electromagnetic energy and light. These subtle energies that dwell within and around you are the key to energy medicine.

David Feinstein PH.D., is a clinical psychologist, Known for high-quality self-help books in the areas of personal development and conscious living, he serves as the Executive Director of the non-profit Energy Medicine Institute. He has served on the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and has contributed over 50 professional articles to the psychology literature. His multi-media professional training program, Energy Psychology Interactive, was given the 2002 Oustanding Contribution Award by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science Her first book, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, is considered a "classic" in the field of spiritual healing, with reputedly over one million copies in print in 22 languages. Brennan claims to receive intuitive information about her clients during sessions, and to see repetitive patterns in the energy fields of her clients indicating common roots underlying their difficulties.Brennan's books contain drawings of auras and energy fields, and descriptions of how human energy fields interact with each other. She has popularized a seven-layer model of the energy field, each layer being structured of differing frequencies and kinds of energy and performing different functions. Brennan views the chakras as transformers that receive and process universal energy, as well as enabling expression and healthy functioning of the individual's own consciousness and psycho-physical make-up. She is best known for taking a methodical approach to energy healing.Brennan has created a type of energy healing techniques that she calls "full spectrum healing" to work on the seven layers of the human energy field or auras..