Color Healing

Aura Soma

The Miracle of Color Healing by Vicky Wall

In 1983 the Aura-Soma┬« Colour Care System was created by Vicky Wall, a practising chiropodist, pharmacist and herbalist. She was 66 years old at the time and clinically blind. She had no idea what she was 

doing when she found herself one night in her laboratory formulating a mixture comprising different layers and colours of natural ingredients. Yet over the following years thousands of people were attracted to the dual coloured bottles she created and allowed her to arrive at a formal body of solidly researched scientific knowledge on colour. Why did people choose certain bottles as their favourites? What effect did the bottles have on their lives? What were the individual's life dynamics before and after exposure to or use of the bottles? Over a period of a few short years, Vicky was able to say with absolute certainty "Colour speaks a language of its own". Today the process of unlocking the secrets concerning Aura-Soma is in full swing, particularly the consciousness aspects of the system. There are currently thousands of teachers and students worldwide.

The Language of Colour:Aura-Soma is an ancient Knowledge Trust reborn. This Trust is being shared at this pivotal point in Earth history in the universal language that every HUE-MAN has inherently understood since the Creator said, "Let There Be Light". That is ... "The Language of Colour".

This "Window of the Soul" reveals our most deeply hidden aspects in a form that we can understand, accept and otherwise grow through. It has often been stated of Aura-Soma, "You are the colours you choose" and that these colours not only metaphor your True Being, but facilitate communication between Self and Soul via "The Rainbow Bridge".

This "Living Energy" is the heart of Aura-Soma. Its capacity to gently guide and reward us with a richly deep understanding and experience of ourselves and the future we are co-creating is absolutely profound!

Aura-Soma is now based on more than 100 vibrant dual coloured bottles. It is a non-intrusive colour care system which offers the opportunity for awareness and transformation. It invites clients to work from the deepest level of their being, empowering them to help themselves. A trained practitioner can help interpret the meaning of the colours in relation to deep emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. An initial consultation lasts up to an hour and a half. Through their colour preferences, Aura-Soma brings consciousness and insight from a deep inner level to the everyday lives of clients. During the consultation they gain insight into their current situation and the larger pattern of their life story. The colour choice reveals the gifts, challenges and opportunities of the client. What is needed to be overcome so that the gifts can come through?

It is not fortune telling. In making a selection of preferences it is as if something deep inside responds and knows exactly what is going on in the client's life. "You are the colours you choose and these reflect your beings' needs" said Vicky. If the cause of dis-ease is forgetting who we are, Aura-Soma helps to remember. Colour both opens the doors to hidden rooms within and is a means of healing what is found there. Aura-Soma is especially suited for those who wish to come to a new focus in their life and/or who wish to develop themselves.

Aura-Soma is not a therapy in the traditional sense since it makes no claims to heal medical conditions. What it does do is address the whole question of what lies behind dis-ease. Aura-Soma is about what is right with you, not what is wrong with you. It supports you to come to a greater ease within yourself.

The Miracle of Color Healing by Vicky Wall, Aquarian/Thorsons Press, London, 1990. Re-issued in 2005 as Aura-Soma, Self Discovery through Color, published by Inner Traditions, USA